Programme / Curriculum

We provide child-care services for all children aged 18 months to 6 years of age, regardless of race, language or religion.


Character Building:

As a Christian childcare centre, we firmly believe in the importance of character building based on biblical values. Children start their day with Praise and Worship session in either English or Mandrain. Children also engage in bible story session at least once a week. 


Routines and Schedules:

In order for children to adapt quickly and enjoy school life, we have set in place routines and schedues for children to follow, such as, arrival, departure, meals, shower, acedemics, play, and nap. Our core curriculum takes place between 9.30 to 12noon, where children engage in experiences in Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Aesthetics, Environment Awareness as well as Physical activities. Enrichment programs, such as Chinese Speech and Drama, English Speech and Drama, Sports and Music are made available for children in the afternoon from 3.30pm. A typical day ends at about 5.30pm, where children get to enjoy a short TV time while waiting for their caregivers to bring them home.


Curriculum and Approach:

We adopt a Thematic-Project Approach, where children focus on a particular theme over a  10-week period. Thereafter, a different theme will be introduced. Children walk through themes such as All About MeNatureOccupation and Transportation, Food and Animals where various learning activities are planned for.


Kindergarten children work closely with teachers and friends on various projects that will showcase their understanding of the themes. Such projects allow children to research and create their own structures to reflect what they have learnt. Children are  given various opportunities throughout the day to serve, share and interact with one another.


Storybooks and readers are used to support and reinforce our children's learning and literacy skills. Our weekly bilingual Computer-Adided Education (CAE) programme allows children to hone their IT skills through interactive learning with a personal computer. This CAE program is specially customized to support and extend children’s learning in a particular theme.


Learning Journeys:

At least 3 learning journeys are planned each year. These learning journeys are chosen and decided based on  the theme of the particular term. Parents are warmly invited and encouraged to join us for these learning journeys. Some examples of previous learning journeys are The City, Science Centre, Zoo and Pastamania. Please view Gallery for photos.


Events and Celebrations:

Together with their teachers, our children celebrate important national events such as National Day, Racial Harmony Day, Chinese New Year, Christmas and Easter. Song and Dance, relay games and team-building activities will be carried out. On top of such celebrations, all children from Nursery One and above are given the opportunity to take part in the Annual Concert cum Graduation Ceremony end of the year. It provides children a platform to showcase their showmanship.