Registration Policy
1. Enrolment is available all year round, subject to vacancy and centre’s discretion.  
2. All children must be at least 18mth old and completed all required immunization according to regulations in Singapore.
3. Children who are enrolled upon turning 18-mth shall be promoted by year of birth thereafter.
4. New parents are encouraged to bring their child to the centre for a pre-admission visit. This meeting will allow parents to see us at work, tour our compound, and also allows us to go through the centre rules with them. 
5. Parents who wish to confirm vacancy are required to pay a deposit (one month fee before subsidy) and registration fee, (non-refundable), including GST. 

To find out more about 2017 Enrolment, kindly email us at [email protected] .

Proposed Orientation Programme 

Children, like adults, need time to adjust and adapt to changes. It is perfectly normal for children to cry on the first few days or weeks of school, especially when it is their first time in a school environment. To help children adapt quickly, we strongly encourage the child’s caregiver to be present on the first 3 days of the child’s attendance at the centre. This recommendation is applicable to children who are joining in our PN – N1 classes.